Pokop is known by many names such as Porkchop, P'koop, Kaput, P'kop, Poopoo-chan, and shit kid. Jack of all trades, master of none. Overly excitable to a fault. Has yet to carve out a notable reputation. Pokop joined Da Boizzzz at the tail end of The Golden Age.


Pokop's ratings.


Established as a member with one of the more squeaky voices in the group, research indicates that Pokop only recently came into existence, as many facets of the mortal coil are completely alien to him(?). Due to this fact, Pokop repeatedly exhibits erratic and unusual behavior.


To this day, Pokop has never played a video game (although maintains pursuit of the coveted title "web celeb"). Pokop also has trouble committing to group viewings of film and media (or any group activity) due to a chronic sleeping problem. Hobbies include constant giggling, etching illustrations into stone tablets, and questioning the situational status by inquiry through such phrases as, "What is happening?"

Many speculate that an unknown dark force is hidden within Pokop and has only briefly been identified.

Other namesEdit

  • Adam
  • Poocup
  • Porkop
  • Poppycock
  • Poopcock
  • Poopsock
  • Choptop
  • Droptop
  • Slapchop
  • Croptop
  • Pop-a-cop
  • Poykop
  • Dorkop
  • Plowcrops