Drealth vs Venom?

Drealth vs Venom?

The "Venom/Drealth Guitar Controversy" is an inter-Mumble conflict between Venom and Drealth.


In the early morning hours of May 18th 2014, Drealth entered Mumble and began playing his electric guitar. An unknown amount of time later, Dangerlocker was heard remarking the following;

You're better than Venom.
— Dangerlocker

This was the provocation needed for Drealth to issue a challenge & boast about his superior guitar skills. The video containing this occurrence was uploaded on May 19th, 2014.


Rabbeseking's video was met with widespread critical acclaim. Slingnast was quoted to the following;

drealth is busy crying ... [turned out sad] no really
— Slingnast

Although an official response from Drealth has never been received, it can be assumed he was very distraught due to the stress that the challenge had caused him. Venom's official response was dismissive but hesitant;

[My] ass... :P
— VenomPB

Dangerlocker could not be reached for comment and refused our interview request.


A follow up video was posted by Rabbeseking on February 17th, 2016. The shocking video showed previously unreleased footage of Drealth's tirade. However the most disturbing portion of this video was the unknown assailant egging on the obviously inebriated Drealth. Neither Slingnast nor Rabbeseking recall this stranger's presence & his declaration of a battle of trumpets shook Mumble to its very core. The full uncensored clip can be downloaded here.