The "Work For It" phrase is a quote and mantra revealed to Mumble, said originating over thousands of years ago by Soulglove, the elder, that was passed down and cherished for future generations.

Beginnings Edit

As Soulglove is the oldest piece of matter on planet earth, none were able to confirm the true origins and timelines of the phrase, but upon planet earth reaching the scientific age, there has been heavy scientific and philosophical endeavors to prove, by any means of scientific theory and without a reasonable doubt, from where and when the phrase actually came and what it truly means to "work for it".

As of the last annual scientific council meeting on the subject, a consensus has yet to be found.

Reemergence Edit

Somewhere within the modern human history, the Soulglove emerged back into human civilization. He lived again among man-kind eventually joining the highest echelon of human society referred only by the location of their meets "Mumble". It was there, somewhere within the decade of 2010, that the Soulglove passed the verbiage that was once lost in time, as advice to a fellow member.

Work for it.
— Soulglove

This is the only known instance in modern human history where the phrase has been used once more.

Legacy Edit

To this day, that moment was the last time those holy words to man-kind were spoken again. As of 2016, a member of the Mumble organization has claimed to bear a record of the events that transpired that day. Rumors about this member continuously spreading the words to work for only end in the continuing joy and happiness to all those whom lent their ear. Unfortunately, the phrase has yet to be spoken again; neither by the Soulglove nor via the original recording, the latter, supposedly withheld to uphold the utmost historic preservation of one of the most important scripts of all time.